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AFA Victoria - Supporting Veterans in Need

Staying true to one of its key ideals, AFA Victoria quietly goes about its business of supporting veterans.

The purpose of the Air Force Association states quite clearly that ‘The Air Force Association was established almost 100 years ago to foster the spirit of friendship formed on service, to perpetuate the honour and ideals of the Royal Australian Air Force and to provide support to members in need.’ 

To support that Purpose, four ideals are expressed namely, ‘Fellowship, Advocacy, Commemoration and Support.’

The Victorian Division of the Association goes about its business of applying its purpose through those four ideals, sometimes in a very open manner (think the Centenary of Armistice Commemoration), and other times in a quiet and unassuming manner.

Earlier this year, AFA Victoria provided urgent assistance to a veteran who was homeless.  This person had spent many months ‘couch surfing’ amongst his various friends but had no real place to call home and absolutely no belongings of his own.

This veteran was put in contact with the RAAF Veterans’ Residences Trust to see if they could help with accommodation, when temporary accommodation was no longer available for this veteran. After a short wait, an apartment became available at the Residences Trust apartments in Sandringham.  Through its welfare funds, AFA Victoria was able to furnish the newly-painted and partly renovated apartment which is available to the veteran for life at a reasonable fortnightly rental. 

You can obtain further details of the RAAF Veterans, Residences Trust at the following website:

If you, or any veteran you know, needs a helping hand or even just someone to talk to, please contact us or 03 9813 4600.

   The RAAF Veterans’ Residences Trust apartments locate in Sandringham.   

Above: The RAAF Veterans’ Residences Trust apartments locate in Sandringham.

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