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President's Report - Winter 2017

I am pleased to advise the Division’s membership has reached 800, and I expect by early 2018 it will achieve 900.

The B24 Liberator Branch will be established in mid-July. B24 Liberator Restoration Australia is anxious to become more closely engaged with the Air Force Association and the serving Air Force community following the very successful ‘Meet a Mate’ event at the B24 Hangar in Werribee.

Incidentally, some of our aircraft weapon aficionados or anyone else who likes to hear and see things that go ‘bang’ may be interested in attending a Browning 50 calibre demonstration fire at the Little River Firing Range to be held later in the year. I’ve yet to weave this opportunity into our events program but I’ll let you know when more details become available.

Bendigo Branch - Winter 2017

On 18th March 14 of our members travelled to Lake Boga for the 75th Anniversary of No.1 Boat Repair Depot. It was a wonderful day, sunny weather with just a cool breeze.

The event which had been organised by Lake Boga Lions Club was extremely well done. There was a huge selection of food & drinks available.

There was only one disappointment, the Catalina didn't fly in from Sydney because the weather was so wet that it couldn't get off the ground. Bet you're thinking just what everyone was saying.

So the high light of the day was the Roulettes who flew low in over the water, performing their tricks. SO GOOD.

Engineer Branch Newsletter - Winter 2017

Becoming part of the regular scene at the RMIT Alumni luncheon gatherings, the Air Force Engineer Branch, on March 6, once again filled two tables at the William Angliss Restaurant. RMIT is of course familiar with the majority of the Branch members, and the Alumni gatherings reinforce fond memories of those distant academic days...

Royal Air Force Branch Newsletter - Winter 2017

The Royal Air Force Branch attended two functions during May. The first of these was the AGM which was attended by the President and the Secretary. This was a very constructive meeting and was most useful for a newly constituted branch.

The second event was the "Meet a Mate" Werribee Liberator site visit. This ongoing restoration project is very impressing and the team of volunteers is to be congratulated on the job that they are doing. The aircraft is taking shape and though unfamiliar to most RAF personnel, since only a few Liberators were in use in WWII, shows the how workmanlike the design was.

Catalina Branch Newsletter - Winter 2017

The weekend of March 17 - 19 saw the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Lake Boga No 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot (1941 – 1947). Member Jennifer Newton attended and presented this report.

Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum with a static display of Catalina A24-30 inside. The event was conducted most admirably by the Lions Club of Lake Boga who have proudly taken this entire project as their responsibility. They are to be congratulated for their continued resolve towards creating what is now a complete visitor experience in their area, and to be highly recommended. It was a fully involved community event, with multiple food stalls provided by amongst others the local school, Rotary and CFA. Many other organisations were proudly representing their projects.

It was most unfortunate that the weather in the NSW area precluded the departure of our only flying Catalina to arrive at the event. The flying program for the day included a visit by the PC-3 Orion from Edinburgh SA, the Roulettes who did an amazing aerobatics display, a T-28 Trojan Grumman Avenger, Wolf Pitts and a local aerobatic display from a group of 3 Pitts specials, which was spectacular.

Upcoming events:

Air Force Association (Victorian Division) Board of Management Meeting
September 5, 2017, 10:00 am to September 5, 2017, 12:00 pm


Battle for Australia
September 6, 2017, 11:00 am to September 6, 2017, 12:00 pm

President or nominated representative to attend and lay a wreath.


Battle of Britain Commemoration
September 17, 2017, 9:00 am to September 17, 2017, 12:00 pm


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