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Did You Attend our Armistice Commemoration on 4 Nov?

Thank you to those members and guests who attended our Centenary of the Armistice Commemoration event on 4th November. You can now view individual and group photos that were taken at the event here. Ordering details are also included.  


Stories of the Armistice: The Birth of the Australian Flying Corps

Following the decision that the armed forces of the British Empire should exploit the air as a means of warfare, the Australian Flying Corps was established on 20 September 1912.


The Australian Flying Corps Memorial, RAAF Base Point Cook

The Australian Flying Corps Memorial was funded by the Australian Flying Corps Association and created to honour the airmen who fought so valiantly for the noble purpose of preserving freedom.



Stories of the Armistice: The Signing of The WW1 Armistice

Close to midnight on the 7th of November 1918, a German delegation crossed the front line with white flags flying, where a train was waiting to take them to a secret rendezvous in the great forest of Compiègne in France.


Stories of the Armistice: The Cost of War

The graves and memorials of brave Australian troops – many unknown and unidentified - lay scattered across northern France and Belgium reminding us of the price paid by a small distant brave nation for its involvement in the Great War.


Stories of the Armistice: The Australian Flying Corps in the Great War.

Four operational Australian Flying Corps squadrons left Australia in 1916 bound for combat in the Great War.

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Saving Boxer 22 - The Largest Rescue Mission of the Vietnam War

In December 1969 the effort to recover two downed US Air Force airmen snowballed into their largest search and rescue mission of the Vietnam War.