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Royal Air Force Branch Newsletter - Winter 2017

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The Royal Air Force Branch attended two functions during May. The first of these was the AGM which was attended by the President and the Secretary. This was a very constructive meeting and was most useful for a newly constituted branch.

We are looking forward to the proposed improvement of the web site and the discussion regarding welfare procedure to be addressed in July.

The second event was the "Meet a Mate" Werribee Liberator site visit. This ongoing restoration project is very impressing and the team of volunteers is to be congratulated on the job that they are doing. The aircraft is taking shape and though unfamiliar to most RAF personnel, since only a few Liberators were in use in WWII, shows the how workmanlike the design was.

The reassembly from parts from a number or sources pays tribute to the crews and the workers taking part in the rebirth of this majestic airplane. It was impressive to see the test run of an original Pratt and Whitney 18 cylinder radial, four of which produced an impressive performance of 290 mph with a service ceiling of 30,000 ft. The Liberator was use by the RAF and the USAAF in anti submarine patrols in the Atlantic and support of the Normandy landings. The morning tea was excellent and it was clear that everyone had a very enjoyable visit.


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